what is the APO

Association of professional traders (APO) is an independent non-profit organization comprising members who are professionally engaged in business in the role of businessmen, managers or entrepreneurs, or interested in the profession or field.

The main objective is to increase the quality of work of traders, managers and entrepreneurs, promotion of ethical and professional standards, cultivation of market through members and information sharing.

APO’s mission is to create an international platform for communication, sharing, standards, development and cooperation of all who respect and promote the vision, goals, values ​​and code of APO.


Main activities of APO:

  1. Arena for communication
  2. Inspiration
  3. Sharing within interest groups
  4. Measuring of business interactions and comparison with others
  5. Recommended services for sales professionals
  6. Information for public
  7. Analysis of customer’s versus salesperson’s attitudes
  8. International cooperation
  9. Social sponsoring (fundraising)
  10. Work-life balance


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