terms of membership

How to become an APO member

  • Learn the Articles of Association, the APO Code of Ethics and the APO Membership Conditions, see below.
  • Fill in the application according to the type of membership, see below. The form can be filled in electronically, but it´s not possible to save it. After having filled the form in it can be printed to be signed or archived as pdf.
  • Print the application and sign it. Send the original to the address: Asociace profesionálních obchodníků, o.s. (APO), Klánova 28/492, 147 00 Praha 4.
  • Do not pay the first membership fee before having received the confirmation on final acceptation of your application by the Managing Board! We do not refund payments of unapproved applicants!
  • Cooperate and develop the APO activities with us.

Useful documents

Bank account: Fio banka, 2300200943 / 2010

QR payment – account number for member’s fee:

QR payment - account number


Conditions of membership in the Association of the Sales Professional

Pursuant to the APO Articles of Association, any natural or juridical person may become a member of the Association (for further specification, see Article 7). A person becomes a member of the Association upon the payment of membership fees for the given calendar year and upon the approval granted by the Managing Board. All member´s rights and obligations are determined by the membership in the Association, pursuant to the APO Articles of Association. In the case of termination of cooperation or relation with an individual involved in the group membership, his position does not cease to exist. Upon a decision of the respective group member such a person can be replaced by another one in a similar working position.


The amount of membership fees depends on the type of membership (for further specification, see Article 7, paragraph 2) as follows:


Kind of Membership

Type of Membership


Annual Membership Fee




2.000 CZK









1.500 CZK



500 CZK



5.000 CZK

+ 1.000 CZK/member


12.000 CZK

+ 1.000 CZK/member


16.000 CZK

+ 1.000 CZK/member


5.000 CZK

10 + 500 CZK/member

*Section: EMP= employee, S-EMP = self-employed person, SE = small enterprises (up to 50 employees), ME = medium enterprises (up to 250 employees), BE = big enterprises (over 250 employees), ST = student, other= nonprofit organization, cooperative, state-owned organization, SPE.


Articles of association

A revised and supplemented version, based on the General Meeting on February 15, 2012 in Prague:


Art. 7


(1)   The membership in the Association is voluntary and selective.

(2)   There shall be the following forms of membership:

a. Individual

ai. Professional – shall constitute a group of persons who have been actively involved in business activities for a minimal time period of three years,

aii. Free – shall constitute a group of persons who are interested in business but do not comply with the conditions of Professional membership,

aiii. Honorary – shall unite important figures from the field of business. An Honorary membership shall be approved by the Managing Board, based on the outcomes of the General Meeting,

aiv. Student – shall constitute a group of full-time high school or university students who are interested in business,

av. Partner – shall be designed for a group of persons who are interested in business and who participate in the activities of the Association, either on working or on grant basis. The partner membership shall be proposed and approved by the Managing Board.

b. Group – shall unite juridical persons who are provably involved in business activities and other organizations that are interested in the field of business.

(3)   Only a natural or juridical person may become a member of the Association, provided that this person:

a. agrees to the Articles of Association and the APO Code of Ethics, shares the values of the Association and strives for their upholding,

b. has no property declared bankrupt, no bankruptcy proceedings initiated, no bankruptcy petition denied for the reasons of insufficient property and is not in liquidation,

c. complies dully with the duties of the members given by the Art. 7, paragraph of the iArticles of Association.

(4) The acceptance of a new member shall be approved or denied by the Managing Board, based on the candidate´s application, his/her presentation and on the conditions of membership as stated in the Articles of Association.

(5) Every new member shall, within thirty days of the acceptance, pay an entry fee corresponding to the type of membership and the amount valid as of the day of the accession.

(6) The membership in the Association shall end upon:

a. a resignation of a member. The resignation in writing shall be addressed to the managers of the Association. The membership ends upon the delivery of the resignation.

b. the decision of the General Meeting to expel a member who stopped to comply with the membership conditions or who violated the obligations of the members.

c. the failure to pay the membership fee within thirty days of delivery of  the written payment reminder to the member´s registered address.

d. the member´s death or upon the dissolution of the juridical person who was member of the Association.

e. the dissolution of the Association.

(7)    A member, whose membership ended, shall not be entitled to membership fees and an entry fee refund.



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