Key objectives for APO and products for 2012

On Tuesday 18 Third 2012 was the first official meeting of the Executive Board with the participation of APO member of the Standing Executive Board. This meeting is defined:


A key point of the meeting was the definition of target groups and product 2012

“From our perspective, you just you, the founding members, the most important group that will be implemented for products and services APO. Given that most of us have business managers who lead their teams, we can speak of this total pool of approximately the first 400 members of the APO, which we would like to address during this year. This will be our joint work on the preparation of more complex and perhaps more demanding groups from the ranks of the “terrain” traders “in the shops’ and business managers.” Vaclav Šlapák, President of the APO


Your needs presented within the APO are:

  • possibility of sharing across people who deal with trade
  • actively participate in the improvement and construction of the “image of traders’
  • gain inspiration and ideas for you and your sales teams
  • work with people who have similar needs and problems
  • increase confidence and professionalism of traders and trading team

APO key products for 2012 are:

  • interactive website for sharing, exchanging experience, sharing and gaining inspiration, joint creative work and creating conditions for rebranding merchant
  • creation of standards, codes and rules of professional trading
  • establishment and functioning of specific Club APO – eg KAM Club, Club business managers, retail club, club merchants with the media
  • analysis of business interactions (competence) and the possibility of comparison retailers
  • use of e-learning programs for the purposes of inspiration, development and testing of business knowledge and skills
  • analysis in terms of customer satisfaction, expectations and decision-making model
  • action “Professional trader 2012″
  • regular personal meetings of members at meetings, events, club workshops and informal meetings


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