code of ethics for sales professionals

Code of Ethics for Sales Professionals and APO Members


Upholding the commonly shared values, norms of behavior and conduct of The Association of Sales Professionals members constitutes an important commitment but also a contribution of every member to the creation and strengthening of a good reputation of professional traders.


This Code of ethics is binding for all APO members who, by participating in the Association, make a commitment to adhere to the principles of the Code of ethics and to support and share the common values and visions of the Association.



1. Shall carry out their activities in accordance with good manners and principles of fair commercial intercourse and competition.

2. Shall adhere to generally binding legal acts, to all provisions of the Code of ethics and to the rules of professional conduct in accordance with generally acknowledged ethical principles.

3. Shall avoid conflicts, in case of their occurrence they shall always strive for amicable and effective settlement.

4. In relation to other subjects on the business market shall always act as professionals, particularly in difficult and complicated situations.

5. Shall realize that they are fully responsible for their acts and deeds towards other persons. When dealing with customers, the APO members must be aware of their own emotions and capable of effective self-management and of coping with demanding situations.



1. Shall be honest and act in such a manner as to fulfill all their commitments and contractual obligations.

2.  Shall not abuse their influence, position or customers´ trust for their personal profit at the expense of others.

3. Shall always seek and pursue solutions that are mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

4. Shall, throughout the contractual time and after, maintain confidentiality regarding all the information obtained from the contractor during the contractual time.

5. Shall actively provide their partners and other APO members with information that will enable them to obtain and maintain their own honest position in business.

6. Shall, when competing with business rivals, never resort to practices of unfair competition such as bribing the decision-making subjects, bribes taking, slandering and passing misleading information.



1. Shall perceive professional responsibility as their priority and shall always prefer it to personal interests.

2. Shall be aware of the fact that their professional success and performance are always judged according to the results of their work.

3. Shall realize that they represent the interests of their employers, that they take responsibility for the fulfillment of given tasks, for the protection of the trust property and for the obligation to maximize the expected business revenues.

4. Shall always present the customer with such a solution that is based on ascertained requirements, needs and priorities of the customer. This solution, however, shall be generated as to benefit both the interests of the customer as well as the interests of the company.

5. Shall approach every contract knowing that they are able to fulfill this contract effectively and with expertise, and that they are able to do so either on their own or with the assistance of their colleagues or other contractors.

6. Shall be aware of all the risks and the co-responsibility in cases when the customer was not informed properly about the products or services or when some important facts were withdrawn from the customer. The APO members shall strive to avoid these cases or to seek other solutions.



1. Shall actively share their knowledge, skills and experience with others and offer other people their information and experience.

2. Shall personally engage in building and maintaining friendly and collegial relations with the APO members, the partners and with all who adhere to these values.

3. Shall always be tolerant of individual differences of each person and approach them sensitively and with interest.

4. Shall support or actively participate in developing projects for all who need the expert help of APO members.



1. Shall strive to improve their proficiency and working skills and shall seek opportunities to put them in use.

2. Shall maintain optimism, grace and self-confidence, which serve as an important source of their motivation.

3. Shall support creativity, new approaches towards solving already existing problems and jointly form an atmosphere tolerant of mistakes that occurred throughout the process of realization of new approaches.

4. Shall, in lifelong perspective, strive for self-improvement of their personal qualities and values.



1. All APO members shall be proud of their own work and aware of its role, meaning and uniqueness.

2. Shall, through their attitudes, bearing and actions, contribute to maintaining their good reputation and the good name of APO and shall also be aware of the fact that all this helps to create and strengthen the good name of this profession throughout the market.

3. Shall actively support all opportunities that will result in increasing the prestige of professional approach towards customers.


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