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What is BESST Project?

The main goal of the BESST project is to transfer and to share the experience in ethical standards of trading among the partners from the following countries: the Czech Republic (leading partner), Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Germany (2 partners).

The project is aiming to reach the cooperation among organizations in the field of business ethics training and in the domain of customer and client partnership. The outcome of this project should strengthen the awareness of education in ethical standards of trading among the target groups of the project partners. The cooperation of the partners is supported by the identification and development of the behaviour codes in the business world.

To implement the project issue in the international partnership meetings is the main goal of BESST. The side product of the implementation should be the creation of an e-learning application focused on the era of business ethics. A report is supposed to be the outcome of the project. The report should bring together applied procedures, examples of good practice and potential problems that are going to be discussed during the meetings of the partners. All results are going to be presented on a CD. The e-learning application is supposed to be composed of different courses by all the partners. The project is going to last for 2 years. In the course of this time 5 international meetings are going to take place in the respective countries, the transfer of experience and know-how of all the partners is going to be discussed.

Objectives of APO in the Project

Development of web instruments and preparation of lessons in conjunction with partners, preparation of project plan, preparation of documentation and project outputs in the cooperation with partners, organization of a Kick off Meeting in Prague, communication with all the partners in order to fulfill the goals of the project, help and support concerning internet classes, Czech-English translations.

Communication with all the partners on the project goals and coordination of the project. All the partners are going to participate in the communication via e-mail, phone or fax. Lessons are going to be shared by web and online.

Partners of the Project and their Issues

  • SLOVENIA, Economic Institute Maribor, Soft Skills
  • GERMANY, Economic Chamber Erfurt, Business Ethics and Soft Skills Necessary for Start-Up
  • GERMANY, The Europe Programme Centre Thűringen, How to Learn Business Ethics and Soft Skills to Young Traders at Schools
  • SLOVAKIA, Linde Material Handling Slovak Republic, Ethics Code
  • BULGARIA, National Center for Informational Service, Communication with Clients and Partners from Different Countries with the Aim to Understand Intercultural Differences


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