advantage of membership

Why to become an APO member?


“I am personally interested in communicating, sharing and supporting the values and principles listed in the APO Code of Ethics. “


  1. To be a member of an important group, which is unique and rare, and which has a vision, values and its own decision-making authority. To be in personal touch with professional and experienced members of this Association, who have acquired important success in their profession and who have played important parts at the international level.
  2. Possibility of sharing experiences with other sales professionals, managers and entrepreneurs and with important figures from the business field. To have a possibility to share mutual experiences, impulses and trends in often unconventional approach of salespersons through personal meetings, common events or on-line conferences and discussions, to have an opportunity to use these impulses in personal practice.
  3. Opportunity for growth and personal self fulfilment. To have a possibility of comparison with others through competitions and APO events, to obtain stimulating information about your own interactions through a unique Balance Management Business concept. To be among the first ones when it comes to collectively created professional principles and standards. Personally create and present new approaches and forms in trading and to publish conclusions in the framework of communication platforms of APO. To propose issues concerning the APO activities and common meetings within its frame, to participate actively at these meetings.
  4. Influence on APO activities, possibility of direct involvment in APO bodies. To participate in all activities of the Association that are inspiring and stimulating for your practice and interests. To have a possibility to elect members of APO bodies and a chance to run for office yourself. To influence the workings of the Association through your impulses and suggestions.
  5. Individual support, team cooperation. To find APO as a booster of your activities, aid in solution of your work and personal problems. With the help of APO to publish crucial conclusions in professional articles and books. To participate in preparation of common meetings and conferences.
  6. Access to timely information on the activities of the Association and its members. To have to specific information designated only to the members of the Association. To have access to news from all around the world, to activities of our partner organizations and other organizations connected to business.
  7. Significant reductions on all APO activities and on activities of APO partner organizations.




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